I’ve finished Prac!

Well I’ve now finished prac and am breathing at a slightly more steady pace again – although now I’m busily finishing off my third and last assignment for the course that required me to begin this blog in the first place, as well as another assignment linked to another core subject.  So still VERY busy, however I am now able to spend a little more time at home again with my kids (which suits me just fine).

There is so much that I learned on Prac.  And I’m not even sure where to start.  My assignment requires me to reflect back on my time and what I’ve learned, what I will take forward with me in my own teaching philosophies and what I would change.  The first thing that comes to mind is that the batch of Play-Doh I made, I would buy this next time and the students ended up with a gooey mess.  Lots of fun was had by all though and it’s great to be able to laugh alongside the students – even if it was slightly at my expense. 😉  The Play-Doh was part of my hands on aspect of exploring fractions and before the mess started, the students were on task and learning brilliantly – so perhaps I wouldn’t change a thing at all?

My mentor was absolutely fantastic and really did everything to put me at ease, welcome me into the classroom and the greater school environment.  A fellow student Janine Allman in her blog  Kinder Bytes asked the question in this blog post “if this Prac experience has altered or changed any of my other fellow students idea’s and future directions of teaching?”  I can genuinely say that the opportunities I was given to experience the diversity of life as a teacher has just further cemented my love (and admiration) for the profession that I am pursuing.  I have seen how it can be extremely stressful, tiring and upsetting as some of the negatives, and I can see how it can be totally fulfilling, lively and fun to make not only academic differences in young people’s lives, but socially as well.  I truly saw the human spirit come to life during this prac.  And whilst I cannot share the circumstances due to privacy, I will say what wonderful teachers and human beings I saw in action.   I can’t wait to get back into the classroom!!

Cheers, Katie

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