Here’s one I prepared earlier….

I have no idea if this is going to work but I thought I’d give it a shot!!  Nothing like learning on your feet (theme of my life this semester!!).

*Hopefully* you will be able to see below part of a lesson I created for my students when I did up a short powerpoint presentation to provide some explicit teaching regarding Craters in the Solar System.  Somewhat more interesting for the students than me dribbling on (and it saves my voice – which copped a hiding during prac).

Just click on the link below to have a look at my Powerpoint presentation – not exactly Einstein with my creation, but the students loved it (which is half the battle when working in the middle years).




One of my fellow students shares in her blog here about how there is currently an astronaut tweeting and sharing his experiences from space and answering questions from students!  Amazing!!  I may have to give my mentor a bell and tell her about this and see if she can organise something for the students who are in the depths of exploring all matters of space this semester!

Okay, well I’m done for the night.  Busy day tomorrow again – starting with Mum duties (and I’ve missed those) dropping off my son to school.  🙂

Cheers for now, Katie


7 thoughts on “Here’s one I prepared earlier….

  1. Hi Katie,
    Your powerpoint looked great. Well done. I forgot about doing things like this. Time just flies when your having fun on prac doesn’t it.

    Great Work

    Michelle Poulter

    • Thanks Michelle!

      Yes a simple powerpoint worked wonders for the class to become engaged in a new unit. They loved the pictures and the videos. I got lots of “ooooo’s” and “wow!’s”. Time flew by on Prac!

      Cheers, Katie

  2. Thanks Corinne! The students loved it – even the ones that have a reputation for nodding off slightly during explicit teaching 😉 Of course, you’re most welcome to it 🙂

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