Generating ideas for Prac

To generate ideas on how we will integrate ICTs during our Prac our course personnel have suggested that we reflect and consider the learning we have engaged in thus far in the course.  I must say, it’s a little blurry for me – but once our course lecturer gave us 4 areas of focus it made it easier to go ‘ahhhh, yes’ I CAN do this!

Firstly it was suggested we consider one (or more) of the process models we have looked at – these include the Backwards design (which I used in my second assignment) and TIP, the ‘new kid on the block’…to me anyway.

Secondly, I need to understand what is effective teaching and what literature and theory can guide this teaching process.  I will definitely be using the Australian Curriculum (already discussed this with my mentor who follows C2C) and collaborative learning through connectivism will be key – as I have a composite year 4/5 class.

Thirdly, what digitally enhanced frameworks might be used to specify and apply appropriate learning activities and sequences.  I rather like Blooms Taxonomy of Learning Domains (which I’ve bookmarked previously in Diigo – so great I didn’t have to go searching for it again!).

And lastly, consider what applications of ICTs other educators have used previously.  I have explored many of my fellow students finds of various ICTs through my PLN and have registered for the Learning Place – can’t wait to have a look around in there!


So, now I can commence my planning for prac and my assignment 3 (the last one – yay!!!)

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