Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is about students/teachers – both children and adults, knowing when to use technology and how to use technology appropriately.  In this blog, Jeff Dunn likens being a good digital citizen to being a girl or boy scout online.  Funny, but relevant analogy.  I located Jeff’s blog, through fellow student Jennifer Walsh’s blog on the same topic.

Jeff provides a picture of girl guide complete with the following 5 points for teachers to guide their students to achieve:

1. Protect private information

2. Respect themselves online

3. Stay safe online

4. Balance the time

5. Stand up to Cyber Bullying


Whilst this was a quick and easy overview, I felt as though I needed something more.  So I explored further and when I read Teresa Morgan, another fellow student’s blog on Digital Citizenship she provided information on the 9 Themes of Digital Citizenship which was written by Mike Ribble, this information enabled me to get a better grasp on the term itself and the meaning behind the term.  It also made me reflect back to one of my earliest blogs, when I asked “How safe is your Facebook profile?”




One thought on “Digital Citizenship

  1. Hi Katie,
    I am hoping to cover some Digital Citizenship material on prac. I feel it is a really important area that many students have very little awareness about. I don’t think you can start soon enough on this type of information, especially as the internet is so readily available for children of a very early age in today’s world

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