And you thought you were wrong!!

One Sunday, some time ago now my Dad passed me an article about infamous technology predictions.  We were having a good laugh and I was just amazed thinking ‘how on earth would these people make such daft predictions?!’.  The answer is: Quite easily.  I would have never thought that when I bought my husband his box set of “Lord of the Rings” video cassettes – that soon these would be obsolete and replaced by DVD and Blue Ray.

So today when I was recalling this in my mind I thought I’d try and locate the predictions gone wrong. I set about ‘Googling’ as I do and voila, here they are.  Check out what a fellow student has blogged about when Mrs Morgan discusses what has changed in 10 years and provides a good picture as evidence!

I had a good laugh at them and hope you do too.  My favourite was the last one “Everything that can be invented has already been invented”.  Whoops!!




6 thoughts on “And you thought you were wrong!!

  1. Hi Katie

    I remember thinking the same when my brother watched a show call Beyound 2000 – and the year 2000 seemed so far away.


    • Oh absolutely! I remember that show myself and thinking how old I would be by then! It would be interesting actually to get hold of some of those episodes to see how accurate they were.
      Katie 🙂

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  3. HI Katie,
    Your blog got me thinking about the changes that have occured over my short life (not as short as i would like it to be). I remember my first mobile phone, it had to be installed into my work truck, weighed nearly as much and cost slightly more.

    • Hi Scott,

      I don’t quite remember the old mobile phones that were the size of a briefcase (apparently)….probably because I grew up on a farm and didn’t go to town much and my Dad definitely wasn’t a ‘modern day farmer’! But it’s amazing how quickly technology and society needs and expectations have changed. A quick whip out of my iphone these days gives me all sorts of information I may need and even it’s capabilities are getting constantly updated. For example the map application now talks to me when I’m lost and looking for that elusive street, whether as before I use to have to pull over, search and try and remember it as I was driving. So now phones can probably take the place of Navmans?!

  4. Sort of makes you wonder about all the political rubish going on about the NBN at the moment. As an electrician I understand the difference, copper has limited use, where optic-fiber has virtually unlimited capacity. Make me think that in 10yrs time someone saying we will never need optic-fiber might also make that list 🙂


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